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New Delhi, May 16 : Work on the eyes, highlight your cheek bones and contour your face well with bronzer to get the perfect ‘mommy to be’ look, says an expert.

Make-up artist and stylist Naunidh Singh suggests how:

* If you want to get the look right, spend an extra minute on the eyes. Prepare your lids with a shadow primer which will help create a barrier between your skin and the make-up, also helping the shadow pigments pop. It will help keep the make-up longer, by preventing it from all the pregnancy sweat.

* Going by the latest trends and the weather, choose a nice and warm neutral shade as it works best on Indian skin. Pat the eye shadow on the lid and blend it upto the crease. Remember do not go over the crease.

* With a dome brush, blend a darker shade in the outer corner going upwards towards the brow till it’s blended nicely. This will give you dimension!

* To highlight under the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye, select a lighter shade. Avoid stark white, go for an off white or a champagne colour instead. This will make your eyes look bigger.

* If you love to sparkle, then go ahead and use glitter! The trick to getting a beautiful glittery lid is glitter glue. Otherwise, it’s going to get everywhere. Use a small amount of glitter glue and pat it over top of the shadow you have already applied. Do not rub or your shadow will come off.

* Next, tap a little of your glitter into the lid of the container. Use your brush to pick up a small amount of glitter and gently press onto your lid. It may be a good idea to hold a tissue under your eye to catch any glitter that falls. If it does fall anyway, remove it using powder brush.

* Top it all with a winged eye liner and lots of mascara. You may use kohl if you like.

* Do not forget to define your brows. Use a dark matte brown eye shadow to fill your eye brows. A simple eye brow brush will do the trick.

* Now clean up your under eye and prep your face by moisturising well. Go ahead and use your primer, foundation and create a natural looking base.

* Don’t forget to highlight those cheek bones and contour your face well with bronzer suiting your skin tone. It will also reduce the puffiness.

* Use a rosy or a peachy blush according to your attire and finish up with a nude lipstick.

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