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About Naunidh


She specializes in evening/ glamour events, high fashion, vintage and period looks. Bridal make-up is her forte. Her work produces impeccable results through combination of passion and professional expertise.

“When I apply make-up on others, I become so invigorated, it gives me a liberating feeling, which helps me draw a lot of satisfaction. I could go on like that all day!
That’s how much I love my work.”

Her career is an interesting journey.

As a young girl, she would stand in front of the mirror in her mother`s room, and adorn herself with make-up borrowed on the sly from the dressing table collection and would be transported into a different world, a world of glamour, beauty and wonder. This childhood passion for beauty and make-up soon took a different turn.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, she went on to do a course in Set Design, which made way for interesting projects and also gave her an opportunity to work on several music videos and impress everyone who saw her capabilities . Despite a successful business in interiors and set design, she always felt something was missing. A few years back Naunidh was led back to her ultimate passion – beauty and the art of make-up. It happened when the wedding season arrived and suddenly there were weddings to attend left, right and centre. As a mother of two, Sara (5 years) and Waaris (2 months) at the time, she just could not find the energy to go to a parlour. So in the chaos of multi-tasking, the decision to do formal make-up herself was first made, only to realize that the little girl who stood in front of her mother’s mirror had not gone anywhere.

Many of us leave childhood dreams behind for practical things, but I realized that I had to follow my heart.”

Naunidh’s Expertise

She has created her own unique technique over the years. She does not like to conform to the rules and routine-like manner in which make-up is applied in the same way to all the customers. For her, a job well done requires two integral qualities – the client’s choice of their own look and the make-up artist’s expertise. When these two combine, a woman’s final look will be perfect, unique and gorgeous. To facilitate this, Team N ensures on location services for clients whenever required.

“As a professional, my art revolves around my clients who continue to inspire me. But it’s their smile and shining eyes of joy that brings me peace as I help them become the most beautiful version of their own selves. Nothing satisfies me more or makes me happier than to help women fall in love with themselves.”

About Team N

Here at Makeovers with Naunidh Singh, we only work with the best. Naunidh’s own reservation for excellence reduces the choice of stylists to the most experienced in the industry,who also have a vision of tomorrow and skills which have been acquired after working with several Bollywood and Fashion celebrities. We understand the importance of compatibility between the demands of customers and the capabilities of an artist and hence we only deal with the most trust-worthy professionals.